Adrien Missika

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Today we meet a swiss artist who composes quiet and rather surreal photographs.  The series: “Safari Classiques” (first two images below) are photos taken at the Natural History Museum in New York of empty dioramas. The combination of human composed nature with the painted backdrops adds a hyper real quality to the works. The other images are from the series “After Yesterday” and “Federal Safari”.  All photos from the artists site.   Originally from vvork

Safari Classiques:
After Yesterday: 

Federal Safari:

Peter de Cupere

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Dear Everyone!


Today’s Art Dispatch (quasi) Daily will introduce you to Peter de Cupere.  He is a Belgian artist who has made impressive inroads into exploring the potential in scent art works.  These take the forms of installations or individual standalone pieces.  He places smells in unexpected objects and has been known to create disassociations between the objects that you see and the smells that prevail.  From his website:


” Everyone who has ever smelt Peter De Cupere‘s work cannot fail to recognise that his works prompt quite a reaction. You either love it or you feel attacked via your nasal senses. If the latter is true it is often because the spectator adopts a reserved attitude at first as a result of being wary of the unknown. That is exactly why smells in art have been and are still positively avoided. People like to compare and want a return or recognition. This is difficult with smells because they act directly on the limbic system and don‘t give you the necessary time and chance to translate things like you do with „sight“. Smells act on your memory subconsciously and so you associate your own subjective feelings with a specific smell. Your attitude to the object is determined by the smell memory of a certain moment. Add then the combination with the visual aspect of the artwork and you get a mix that does not appear to be completely predictable. Alongside the pleasance of some smells there are also smells that warn us of danger though we do not always heed these indications because of habituation.”


I love the idea of exploring sensory experiences in artwork.  I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy the experience more than the idea – but isn’t that how a lot of contemporary art works these days?  (Well concept + documentation + documentation + documentation!)


A video of a ’smell happening’:


Attached images are:

Black Beauty No 1 -> Used in the above smell happening video

Good Morning Darling -> 56 Illy Coffee pads

Winter Landscape -> 207 used handkerchiefs with eucalyptus

Recycled Raindrops -> 1000 jars of water mixed with bits of food

Spaghetti House 1, ambulance 2, story 3  -> House made of 900 Kg’s of spaghetti


Haroon Mirza

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Dear Everyone, salve


Todays artist is Haroon Mirza.  Please take a look at his portfolio site to get a feel for his work.  What speaks to me is the raw hardware hacked aesthetic and blippy exposed sounds that emit from these interesting sculptures.  I like that the sound is a result of some other aspect of the installation – whether its a direct amplification of an internal electronic process, malady OR something that seems to be activated by a simple electronic process – the result is a compelling audio track framed by a mashed up collection of exposed electronics. Very cool.


Happy Wednesday!





John Michael Boling

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Dear Everyone, public health


Today’s artist is a net artist named John Michael Boling.  He does some interesting mashups of web tools, click services, rx and popular culture.

Take a look at his site for some great work.


Please click through these links, as they are made to be viewed online – using the browser as a frame.


The two I’d like to specifically feature are:

Lord of the Flies

This page contains two quicktime files that play simultaneously.  The one sounds like a midi soundtrack to Twin Peaks (I found a separate midi file which I’ve attached the midi file for your listening pleasure.)  And the other is a video of the gathering worship of many many mouse pointers towards the GOOGLE logo on the search engine page…  Magnificent.


The other is Four Weddings and a Funeral.

A mashup of four youtube videos of peoples weddings and one youtube video of a funeral.  Its rather bizarre as they all play simultaneously on our screens thanks to the marvelous power of the streaming internet.  Its almost like a sensory overload of unknown peoples private moments.





Uffe Holm

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I would like to introduce you to the Danish Artist, Uffe Holm.

The attached image is a photo of his work “The Number of Days From Seeing a Work by On Kawara to Seeing a Work by Dan Flavin”.

The fusion of the two makes me happy – date paintings meets the flavin light bar.Take a look at his project blog to see his other works On Karawa’s date paintings: and some Dan Flavin Love:     

Wooden Mirror Redux

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Dear Everyone!A quick one for today…I already mentioned Danny Rozin’s wooden mirror… Well his new show just opened at the Bitforms gallery in NYC and there are some great pics of new mirrors he’s done. They all look fantastic! The original is still my favourite, therapy but these new ones explore analogue / physical methods of reproducing images with the mirror as the primary input/output metaphor. The weave mirror and snow mirror look pretty darn magnificent though. Both very different executions of the same core idea…

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