William Kentridge and Blu

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Allow me to introduce you to two artists. Each on totally different sides of the artistic spectrum, this but both are incredibly talented and exceptionally prolific.  William Kentridge – one of the most important contemporary South African artists – creates haunting images and movies dealing with the difficult issues of guilt and shared histories in a country whose recent past has plenty of this sort of material.  His animated movies use a stop motion process of erasing and redrawing with charcoal and pastel on the same sheet of paper.  Blu is an Italian street / graffiti artist who uses the walls in any environment as his canvas.  He paints massive tablaeus across walls, medicine draws still images in his notebook and animates in a similar way to Kentridge – but using walls as his canvas.  The traces left on Kentridge’s work as he animates can be thought of as scars on the landscape – Blu’s method literally leaves remnants of images across the physical landscape.  An important aspect of Blu’s work is the way he distributes it.  Considering he uses public space as his gallery, recipe it neatly follows that he uploads everything to his site / blog for public consumption.  Both artists’ work offer worlds of inspiration.

Photos of Kentridge’s work from the smithsonian institute , wikipedia and artthrob.
Kentridge on Wikipedia ; Kentridge on FlickrKentridge on youTube




Photos of Blu’s work from  his blog.
Blu’s videos on vimeo ; Blu’s website ; flickr images of Blu’s work ; Blu’s blog





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