Uffe Holm

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I would like to introduce you to the Danish Artist, Uffe Holm.

The attached image is a photo of his work “The Number of Days From Seeing a Work by On Kawara to Seeing a Work by Dan Flavin”.

The fusion of the two makes me happy – date paintings meets the flavin light bar.Take a look at his project blog to see his other workshttp://uffeholm.com/ On Karawa’s date paintings:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Kawara and some Dan Flavin Love:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Flavin     

Wooden Mirror Redux

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Dear Everyone!A quick one for today…I already mentioned Danny Rozin’s wooden mirror… Well his new show just opened at the Bitforms gallery in NYC and there are some great pics of new mirrors he’s done. They all look fantastic! The original is still my favourite, therapy but these new ones explore analogue / physical methods of reproducing images with the mirror as the primary input/output metaphor. The weave mirror and snow mirror look pretty darn magnificent though. Both very different executions of the same core idea…http://www.smoothware.com/danny/snowmirror.html

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Jim Campbell

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Dear Everyone, salve


Today we will meet one of the masters of electronic art.  Jim Campbell.

I’m sure we’ve all come across his work at some time or another especially during LED screen research, viagra but this guy does some great experimentation with things that can not be seen but rather understood within moving images. Look through his site, information pills its a wealth of inspiration.




His ‘ambiguous icon’ series is awesome. Particularly ‘a fire a freeway and a walk’ (See attached images and video)

Also his ‘Portrait Of A Portrait Of Harry Nyquist’.  The fact that his works are totally self contained, with video data stored locally – IN the work is very interesting.  It isn’t a constantly changing interactive electronic art work, but rather more like a painting that takes you through a journey and then repeats itself – the ambiguity of the imagery often allowing you to discover new elements to it on every repeat.  


More images / videos:


A Fire, A Freeway, and a Walk – Movie

White Circle Movie




Happy Friday!

Gamer Portraits

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Todays art daily is a series of portraits of gamers in action by photographer Todd Deutsch.  The vacant expressions are sometimes how I feel when staring at my own computer (sure you’ve had a similar experience.) The photo of the gamer facing the photographer reminds me so much of the ascension of Christ paintings that we’ve all seen.  I would like to know at what point between slaughtering innocents in Vice City or destroying alien scum in Halo 2 did he achieve his nirvana like pose?




More gamer portraits  -by Sibylle Fendt, drugs can be found here:


http://www.sibyllefendt.de/  -> Click on “No sleep before I die” once the page loads.




art daily inaugurated

Dear All, stuff


Here is the first of Daniel’s Daily Art Dispatches.  (Well we’ll see how daily it’ll be…)


I decided to inaugurate it with one of my personal favorites: “Wooden Mirror” by Danny Rozin.  Wooden wedges reflect light more or less depending on their angle, which results in about 16 shades of grey.  The result is a digital mirror made of wood!  What you don’t see in the image is how responsive it is.  And the sound is absolutely incredible.  Each piece of wood has a little servo behind it that makes a lovely jjjjjjjttt sound as it moves into place.  It was one of the first sculptures I’d ever seen that was digital and totally non screen based.  Incredible piece.





 Wooden Mirror in the Israel Museum



The second is something I came across just the other day!  Its interesting because it makes visible and audible the space and emotion between people.  The visuals are well handled and the interface is simple enough.


Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me)




 Se Mi Sei Vicino

about this

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This blog is simply a way for me to keep track of any art-daily-dispatch emails I send out during the week.  The art daily dispatch is a way to make sure I keep my head in the art world regardless of all the mad hours I spend on other things. The idea is to get more than one post out a week … best would be 5 posts per week!  But we’ll see how it goes. If you want to receive the art daily dispatch emails, cystitis please contact me here: add at plankman. com  Weeee! 

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